Recent Submissions

  • Psychometric properties of the Pelvic Organ Prolapse Symptom Score 

    Hagen, S; Glazener, Cathryn Margaret Anne; Sinclair, L; Stark, D; Bugge, C (Blackwells, 2009-01)
    Objective To assess the internal consistency, construct validity and sensitivity to change of a pelvic organ prolapse symptom score (POP-SS). Design Analysis of data from three prolapse studies, including symptomatic and ...
  • Do Career Prospects Make Happy Workers? Evidence from Panel Data 

    Theodossiou, Ioannis; Zangelidis, Alexandros (University of Aberdeen Business School, 2006)
    This paper investigates the relationship between career profile, job tenure, earnings and job satisfaction utilising the British Household Panel Survey Dataset (BHPS). Career status is modelled as an endogenous variable, ...